Questions you may have grouped at one spot

What's your goal?

Our goal is to be a good and reliable source for update and statistics in the fediverse (even though we start with Mastodon)

What is the User-Agent "MastoPeek"?

This is our software-suite probing your instance.
You way want look at the technical explanation for our current setup and how we are probing your instance.

How do you find instances?

Momentarily we use the already known instances and their known peers as sources Previously we used sp3r4z.fr/mastodon as our main data source.

What data are we saving specifically?

First and foremost: We are currently not saving any user-specific data at all.
We are saving information mostly from a few endpoints within the instance.
More on that in the the technical explanation.

Are there other project like this?

Oh sure there are: