Technical Stuff

What are we really doing here

Why so often?

Our goal is to probe the whole fediverse every 5 minutes about their current availability.
This allows us relative small error margins (for example: the instance has short lived problems), then you aren't considered down for a long time.

What type of software are you using?

Currently the most part of our stack is written in Python hence we are mostly using We have some parts without any real external libraries to increase performance like for example our response-time tester.

User-Agents ( Changelog )

Mastopeek V0.4

This is the very first version released to the public fediverse, it used mostly a high samplerate to average out your response-times.
Also this used nothing other than the Requests library for the (at this moment) only component which probes request-times.

Mastopeek V0.5

This has updated error-handling specifically for ssl

Mastopeek V0.6

Introduction of the new data-gathering module using and SQLalchemy.
Note: The version V0.5 is still running even after this, because the request-tracking has not been updated yet.

Mastopeek V0.6.1

Now the request-logging aka. uptime monitoring is now integrated again

Mastopeek V0.7.0

Added basic support for NodeInfo.

Mastopeek V0.7.1

Better support for NodeInfo.
Initial support for StatusNet
Request caching to eliminate multiple requests to the same endpoint
Internal: Faster startup of DB-Processes

Mastopeek V0.7.2 Still in Beta

Fixed uptime-reporting again

Which endpoints are you using?

  • /api/v1/instance
  • /api/v1/instance/peers
  • /api/v1/instance/activity
  • /.well-known/nodeinfo
  • /api/statusnet/config.json
  • /api/statusnet/version.json